As you likely know, reading is the most fundamental skill that we use every day in our lives. But many don’t know that teaching reading is both an art and a science. Almost every teacher understands the art aspect – as a teacher you must watch children and learn when to put the right book in their hands. Usually, the science aspect involves understanding teaching strategies, while the art is all about timing. If you’re wondering how to teach reading effectively, here are some quick tips and methods for improving your students’ level of literacy throughout the year. 

From reading your text messages to emails, to road signs, to ordering at the cafe – reading is everywhere. Often times, we don’t even realize when we’re reading. Truly, reading is quite essential. This means that proficient reading skills are very important, especially if you intend to become an author. It is not only important for their academic success but also when it comes to their lives as well. Unfortunately, many kids struggle to master the key skills of reading. As a teacher, you need to provide your students with effective reading strategies that will enable them to read efficiently. Here are some of the most effective ways you can effectively teach reading. 

Graphic Organizers

Over the years, graphic organizers have proved to be a reliable teaching tool. It’s good to know that they have been used in the classroom for decades. In the past, teachers would request their students to fold their papers in half. Afterwards, they would use them to compare and contrast the content. Why are graphic organizers effective? Graphic organizers allow students to practically see the connections they are reading. 

You can agree with me that indeed each student understands the information taught in a different way. Since there are numerous students in the class, using a graphic organizer will bring some drastic improvement. It addresses each individual needs. 

Graphic organizers are used as a way of how to teach reading effectively

Incorporating Technology

You will never find experienced teachers claiming that they have come across a student who didn’t like technology. Nowadays, technology has become such an important part of our daily lives. Besides using tablets to read, students prefer playing games within the apps. Away from that, you will come across numerous pieces of technology that will help you excel in reading. 

A man reads a book on his phone

Activating Prior Knowledge

There are more chances that your student will understand better when you teach them something that they already know. All that you need to do is ask them if they know something about the topic. Also, you can ask them to relate the topic with their own lives. In the past, these questions have helped students connect to the text. Do you know that research shows that when children care more about something they get attached to it? 

A girl is reading with her teddy bear

Use a Word Wall

Have you come across a word wall? It’s more than a classroom display. Being an effective strategy, it will help you promote literacy to your learners. In most cases, teachers not only use them in providing students with reference and support but also to improve the classroom curriculum. In addition, it acts as a direct visual which students can reference throughout the day. 

Word appears in a dictionary