Ferrum Library is here to help a community of teachers and students with all of its study and reading needs. This website, started by Brooklyn Perry, come from a moment of inspiration and desire to share small, helpful tips & tricks for everyone in education.

Ferrum Library aspires to grow in providing better ways of learning and improving one’s education. We always welcome feedback and suggestions for content and ideas to include in the blog.

Just like a physical library, the existence of this website is to help provide knowledge and technology to all kinds, not solely students or teachers who can afford their own. The writings on this site are meant to be much more than a non-profit offering, but an offering to strengthen the education and intelligence levels of our communities entirely.

Research has told us that online blogs such as this are helpful for communities; society discovers more value in educational blogs than most other websites.

Girl in Ferrum library

Thank you for your time and interest in the content we’re providing!